According to Eater, the highly anticipated cafe at Stow Lake is set to open on Thursday. What kind of food will they serve? Well, on the cafe's site, they reveal: "Our menu is filled with healthy and fresh housemade items. When possible we source our ingredients locally in order to offer visitors access to organic and sustainable food that is healthy for people and for the environment. We also recognize the historical nature of Stow Lake's food offerings. Stow Lake classics such as pink popcorn will remain available."

Executive chef Chad Newton, a native Northern Californian, will guide the menu.

Other improvements, according to Richmond SF, include a "brand new fleet of rental boats on the lake," "repair and replace the roof, and repair and restore the windows and sills on the boathouse."

Update: Jim Herd of SF Citizen informs us that, quite possibly, the cafe might instead open next week due to rain and electrical issues. We'll update again as soon as we know more.