As is our monthly tradition around here, we now present our favorite utterances from the October issue of San Francisco's "most exclusive news magazine". Provided (mostly) without commentary and in no particular order. This month's theme: The Nob Gazette — It's their yearly anniversary issue, which is as good a reason to fête oneself as any, we suppose. Observe:

  • "Rich, elegant, connected—my guilty pleasure, glamorous, enveloping—enriching, important, interesting — These are just some of the many compliments we have been receiving as we mark yet another birthday." - Publisher Lois Lehrman's monthly Letter from the Publisher introduction.

  • "The Nob Hill Gazette is about to become 34 years old this month. As in all midlife milestones, some soul searching is in order. Where have we been? Where are we going? Have we made our mark? Answering these questions might not be easy. Could we get an honest, unbridled response? There was some talk of hiring a consultant, but after paying Gazette writers their commanding salaries, the coffers were dry. We decided to do what we do best and turn to those who know and love us. In short, dear reader—you." - Susan Moldaw's crowdsourced "Happy Anniversary" piece.

  • "When one considers the America’s Cup, specifically the 34th Cup (the race is only 27 months away), one must consider the Bay Area’s five preeminent yacht clubs. To discuss the world’s greatest yacht race without tipping a cap to the yacht clubs would be like drinking a gin and tonic without a twist of lime. (Or, for a better analogy, like having a “Dark and Stormy” without the ginger beer—you sailors out there know what I mean!)" - Ted William Regan's "Clubbing It" piece about the history of the America's Cup and the city's top yacht clubs.

  • "May and Jason Warren, the owners of Simply Chic, the consignment boutique with the pink awning on Fillmore Street in the Marina/Cow Hollow neighborhood, recently hosted a just-for-fun celebration with Champagne, chocolate, and caviar... According to May, the store caters to cultivated, 40-plus customers in the Marina, Presidio, and Pacific Heights. 'You don’t have to feel like you’re going to a thrift shop. Coming here can be a boutique experience,' she says." - From Pamela Troy's New Kids on the Block Neighborhood Retail Report titled, "High-End Consignment Shops Are in Vogue"

  • "For the opening night of the opera, the only thing that really makes a statement is white tie and tails. A top hat sets it off but can cause resentment in those without one—or in those sitting behind the wearer, should he be so gauche as to not remove it upon taking his seat in the opera house." - Man about town Bob Friese, quoted in Erika Mailman's "Gala 'bout Town" fashion piece.

  • “We men are there for one reason, and that’s to be a backdrop for the women. Our wives could take any one of us to the ball and it would make no difference; we’re interchangeable. It feels a lot like being a fireman: when the bell goes off, get into uniform and get out there.” - Ted Deikel, also quoted in Erika Mailman's "Gala 'bout Town" fashion piece, which you should read because it is just absolutely priceless.

  • "These wines are fun and festive. Almost all have a bit of 'sparkling' quality, which is termed frizzante. The corks come out with a decided pop, and these wines are at the top of my list of 'fun' wines. Moscatos could really jazz up brunch or lunch and would make a fine start to a light supper. Have some with strawberries after dinner―or, for breakfast! I see these wines in my glass while I am reading a book near the pool in the soft sunlight of an Indian summer." - Ed Schwartz' Wine Wisdom column focusing on Italian moscato bianco wines.

  • "Now consider the fact that the third week in August is 'Car Week' on the Monterey Peninsula, with a ten-day orgy of historic car races, classic car auctions, several Concours d’Elegance, and endless other events. Everyone (in the car world) goes to Monterey. So it seemed like a no-brainer to organize an Art Center fundraiser: a two-day, back roads tour from Pasadena to Monterey for owners of cars possessing design merit. The organizers (this writer is among them) decided to accept cars of any year, and were rewarded with a rich and diverse field." - Martin Swig in his monthly Wheels column.

  • "River cruising has become one of the decade’s hottest luxury travel trends. The state-of-the-art river vessels that cruise the smaller waterways of Europe, Russia, China, South America, and Southeast Asia are basically barges with a hotel on top, plus a sun deck or two. They are sleekly designed for maximum boat-to-shore viewing pleasure, and to heighten the sensory impact of the tableaux gliding by." - Jenny Lenore Resenbaum's "Autumn River Cruising" travel trends piece.

  • "Drivers have been trying to make peace with the bicycle mafia, but these guys play rough. When they first ganged up on automobiles in monthly Critical Mass Fridays (sanctified by City Hall), we dutifully pulled over to the curb to let the two-wheeled “enthusiasts” pass. Some of these dudes on ten-speeds are as menacing as the Hell’s Angels, or the even scarier Dykes on Bikes (San Francisco’s proud women’s motorcycle contingent). We didn’t want to stir up any trouble. Most of us have families to consider." - Former Chronicle columnist Gerald Nachman's slightly anti-bicycle hit piece, "Radical Riders: (One Man's Opinion)"

Bonus Willie Brown cameo: in Erika Mailman's "Gala 'bout Town" fashion piece, "[Harry de Wildt] recalls his 33 years lunching every day with Herb Caen and later on with Willie Brown, Jr., the latter being the best dressed man he’s ever seen. Harry says, 'Willie probably spends more money on his clothes than many women.' "

Bonus photo caption: "Vanessa Getty thinks NHG celebrates all the beautiful things about our city [while also looking vaguely startled]."