First Ed Lee's winning the endorsement of the local Republican party, now his campaign is plastering Chinatown with slogans that bear a striking resemblance to the words of Mao Zedong. As the Epoch Times explains, the English translation of Ed's Chinese-language posters read: "With him handling things, you can take it easy."

Contrast that with the slogan, "With you handling things, I can take it easy" that the Chairman famously scrawled on a note to his successor in 1976. Those words would later help Hua Guofeng take control of the People's Republic after Mao's death.

Epoch Times writer Matthew Robertson explains the current significance of the phrase stateside:

It's unclear how widely recognized the Mao reference is in Chinatown, but most middle-aged and older mainland Chinese, or those who follow politics, would get it right away. The slogan even has its own Chinese Wikipedia page [Google robot translation here]

So what does Lee's camp have to say about the similarities? Campaign Manager Tony Winnicker told the Epoch Times he wasn't sure if his team had the Chairman in mind when they drafted their slogan, but the general idea was to convey, "the sense of getting things done or being effective." The English language slogans, you've probably noticed, read: "Ed Lee Gets It Done". So we could probably make a similar connection between Lee and Larry the Cable Guy if we really felt like it. (We don't.)

Anyhow, maybe Aaron Peskin wasn't so crazy after all. And while we're at it what's the protocol regarding red states and Red states? This is getting confusing. Please advise.

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