Remember Gourmet magazine? Where you could reliably turn to find some gorgeous photo spread of beautiful people enjoying a perfect summer lunch at someone's family manse at Lake Como, or in a rustic-chic cabin along the bank of a Vermont river? Those were the glory days. And though SFist isn't in the habit of documenting such meals, we felt compelled to share some photos from this one: a dinner cooked by drag star Juanita More at the very rustic-chic and hipster-beloved farm:table in the Tenderloin, sponsored by GayCities and Absolut SF. The food was oh so San Francisco, made all the more so because it all came from the Pacific Coast Farmers Market, and because it was being served by a drag queen in a polka-dotted dress. Did we mention she made "French-style" carnitas topped with frisée? Yeah.

It was a contest, you see, and the winner, a young designer by the name of Andrea Cammarosano, who's from Italy, wrote the best answer to the question 'What is the best San Francisco night out for dinner and drinks.' As the winner, Andrea got to have dinner served by Juanita for him and seven friends. The dinner happened Wednesday night, and a good time was had by all.

Photos by Allen Jordan.