In honor of San Francisco Cocktail Week, which cracks open today and keeps pouring until the 25th, SFist asked its readers (that's you!) to nominate their all-time favorite San Francisco bar. We asked for you to pick two, actually -- the top drawers and the dives. Now, out of a stellar list of nominees, we need you to select your favorite high- and low-end watering holes. (By the way, if you're cross or wringing your paws over where some of the nominees have landed--e.g., Orbit Room and Cheesecake Factory landed in the "high-end bar" poll--well, tough luck. That's where we decided to put it. O mighty power! We are drunk with it!)

Polls close on Wednesday. We'll have the battle of the final two on Thursday, crowning a winner on Friday. Until then, please select your favorites below: