This coming Wednesday, Heart of the City, the best farmers' market on Earth, will celebrate its 30th year of bringing an impressively wide variety of affordable, high-quality produce and other farm-fresh items to the under-served Civic Center population.

Wednesday's festival will feature live music by Bluegrass Stomp, Calafia, and The Tipsy Gypsy Trio, along with a scavenger hunt, kids' art contest, a biography tent, history exhibit, and hula hooping, in addition to the regularly scheduled farmers' market.

SFist's favorite deals at Heart of the City include 30 eggs for $5, 3 pints of strawberries for $5-7, 16 ounces of Eggman's raw, local honey for $3.50, $1 organic lettuce, and on Wednesdays, the mouth-watering Roli Roti chicken and the delish All Star Tamales.

We also savor the indulgent toffee samples but can never actually buy the toffee because we'd eat the whole bag before leaving the market. Also a highlight is the seafood tent, which has moved over to where the now-banned live chickens used to be.

What are your favorite Heart of the City deals?

Heart of the City 30th Anniversary Festival
Wednesday, September 14th, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
United Nations Plaza (Market and Hyde)