Willie hosted a dinner for LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa at Tommy Toy's last week, where he discovered a photograph of himself with a beard, and generally got the standard Willie Brown treatment at Tommy's. By which we mean there were three main courses. Willie also raised a bit of a stink around town when he hosted a fundraiser Tuesday night for Ed Lee at the North Beach Restaurant - a Willie Brown powerlunch favorite.

Although an Examiner reporter overheard Willie bragging about the $70,000 he raised for the interim mayor's full-term campaign, Willie declined to comment on the record about the event. Still, the Ex did get this gem out of him:

I don’t talk to reporters. I am a reporter...I write my own column. All right? Nothing personal.

We're hardly ones to say who is and isn't a "reporter" in this modern age of livetweeted BART protests and DIY press passes, but on the spectrum of online journalism, we'd probably put Willie Brown somewhere between "Overpaid Yelper" and "Internet Talking Head". But that's just us. Over at the Guardian, they're much less generous and have put out the call for Willie to lose his credentials. Or at least least his space on SFGate.

So, now that we know he's a legitimate reporter, what other hard hitting topics did Willie report on this week? Traffic in New York, famous people getting coffee, this little-known fact: "San Francisco is a city of a lot of hills."

While we won't dispute the accuracy of his reporting on those hills, or whether or not he actually spotted John Madden at Peet's coffee. But he might want to check his facts when he says San Francisco ought to start ticketing drivers who block traffic in intersections: His very own newspaper reported on DPT's crackdown on those violations back in January.