Former San Francisco First Lady and onetime SFist commenter Jennifer Siebel-Newsom has made it known loud and clear that she wants Joanna Rees to be the next mayor of San Francisco Why? Because she's a woman, that's why. Also? A close friend.

“San Francisco has a proud history when it comes to issues of equality, but the absence of women from citywide elected office undermines that tradition and deprives our community of talented leaders, skilled public servants and positive role models that can inspire young people,” Siebel-Newsom said in a press release that landed with a thud in our inbox.

Our apologies go out to candidate Michela Alioto-Pier. We assumed she also had a vagina.

For her part, Rees is tickled pink. The XX-chromosome candidate goes on to call Siebel-Newsom an unwavering -- unwavering! -- supporter of progressive politics. Naturally.

“Jennifer Siebel Newsom is an unwavering advocate for progressive values and she understands what it means to lead this community through challenging times,” Rees said. “I am grateful for her continued work to empower women around the world, and proud to have her support in this campaign.”

Our apologies go out to progressives. We assumed they were not fabulous.

Add Jennifer to the growing list of celebrity endorsements, which include Rob Reiner for Dennis Herrera, Smith Jared for Joanna Rees, Martin Yan for Leland Yee, and Stuart Milk for Bevan Dufty.