Yesterday's BART protest may have been a dud in terms of turnout, but after a month of weekly protests there's still lingering animosity between commuters and organizers from Anonymous and No Justice, No BART. In order to win back favor with the commuters who have come to expect messy Mondays, the No Justice, No BART group is hoping a Thursday "Spare the Fare" protest will save BART Riders a couple bucks and maybe pick up a little good PR for their cause in the process.

Or, at least that's how the group is spinning it: As No Justice, No BART leader Krystoff told the press, BART Police often open the fare gates to commuters during these protests allowing riders to enter for free. So any rider who makes an effort to at least walk past the protest on their way to the BART platform at Powell Street station during Thursday's commute will be treated to free entry in to the BART system. (Assuming BART PD plays along and opens the gates.)

Of course, you'll inevitably be dinged the $5.20 excursion fare once you try to exit at your destination, but if you were heading from Powell Street to Hayward anyway you could save yourself a shiny quarter.

For what it's worth: NJNB is not affiliated with Anonymous and although the two groups have been protesting simultaneously over the past month, the hacker group doesn't appear to be planning any associated events on Thursday.

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