As is our monthly tradition around here, we now present our favorite utterances from the September issue of San Francisco's "most exclusive news magazine". Provided (mostly) without commentary and in no particular order. This month's theme: the San Francisco social season how to prepare oneself for it. Observe:

  • "The September issue is filled with an array of thoughtful and often hyper-luxurious commentary. You will read about a “new generation of givers,” the youngest philanthropists in our midst, as well as a lively on-scene account of the seasonal Paris couture fashion shows, highlighted by Gladys Perint Palmer’s beautiful (and increasingly famous) drawings. We also present intriguing local research that just might result in keeping us all ageless, along with our regular crew of very talented columnists." - Lois Lehrman's Letter From the Publisher.

  • "Enter: the bloggers. How they were ridiculed by the establishment! Yet savvy designers,―Karl Lagerfeld, for example,―recognized their potential and infuriated “elderly” editors by seating 11-year-old bloggers in the front row. I came to blogging late, in May of 2011. I felt like I had been shot into a strange landscape inhabited by creatures of social media. In addition to tumbling into Tumblr, I was pitched headfirst into Facebook and LinkedIn, and my poor little BlackBerry squeals in pain every time virtual foes try to turn into friends." - From Gladys Perint Palmer's Paris Runway Report, Drawing Becomes Eclectic.

  • "Fortunately, there will always be people, including myself, who also love the printed word and simply drawing on paper. Who prefer the feel of books, not stroking a computer screen with (in my case) paint-smeared fingers. I salute the French youth who ride the Métro and read honest-to-goodness real books. All the same, I foresee progress, not panic, for the future." - From Gladys Perint Palmer's Paris Runway Report, Drawing Becomes Eclectic.

  • "TK is the director of acquisitions at Rockpoint Group, a real estate private equity fund. He knows how to meld a good investment with luxury. He looked for a place to buy for over a year, focusing on the Marina, Cow Hollow, and Pacific Heights. 'I was trying to find a place that would make not only a great home but also a solid investment.' " - From Amy Levins' Home Makeover report Two Lux Homes That Inspire.

  • "A base model [Kia Optima] is only about $20,000. The reliability and defect-free quality finish of this Korean car is equal to the world’s best, a special treat considering the hyper-competitive prices... What’s not to like? A picky car buff wouldn’t like the plain-Jane sound of the four-cylinder motor. When you exercise your heavy foot, however, the 274-horsepower engine, driving through a crisp-shifting six-speed automatic, will NOT disappoint you." - From Martin Swig's Wheels column, Upsetting the Establishment

  • "Speaking of ice, these days it seems to be the “last frontier” of cocktail art. Top bartenders are making ice from purer water, freezing ice in different shapes, and even custom-carving ice. It is reported that one bar in Japan has a bartender with samurai genes in his blood. He uses a sword to cut perfect, two-inch cubes of ice, which is both dramatic and keeps the drinks cooler. One bar in New York City, Little Branch, uses ice spears, custom-cut (depending on the length of the glass). What a good idea—you don’t have to use your finger for stirring. Much more sophisticated!" - From Ed Schwartz' brief history of the cocktail: Cocktail Tales

  • "This fall restaurateur Anna Weinberg (owner of the wildly popular Marlowe in SOMA) will open Park Tavern in the old Joey & Eddie’s (originally the spot of the famed Moose’s) at 1652 Stockton Street. Plans include installing large French doors that open onto the street. Valet parking will also be provided." - James Stolich's North Beach for Locals

  • "Try one of these hot new workout routines and do your gorgeous gown justice. This exciting array of exercise options is guaranteed to put some hustle in your bustle while toning your every curve." - Introduction to Kellie Ell's Gown-Worthy Workouts Fashion Trends piece.

  • "Etiquette expert Lisa Grotts makes sure to get adequate sleep [before Gala events]. Since marrying ten years ago she upped her sleep from five hours a night to at least eight, particularly on the nights before black tie events. She notes that you’re on your feet for hours, in heels, and the symphony and opera house floors are an unforgiving marble. Lisa takes two ibuprofen tablets one hour before cocktails and after dinner to help tired feet and legs." - From Susan Moldaw's How Gala Girls Get Their Glow guide to Gala preparation.

  • "[Opera Ball Co-chair] Susan Tamagni combines practicality and soul. She’s in bed by 9 p.m. and does her own hair and make-up and doesn’t eat or drink a drop at the party. Her glow comes from supporting a 'glorious art form,' and extra bedtime reading with her daughter the night before."

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