You know what are great? Celebrities. This country practically runs on them and their soft, latte-holding hands. So if you're one of San Francisco's many mayoral candidates, looking for a way to stand out from the crowd and win the hearts and minds of the common folk, what better way to do so than with an endorsement from a celebrity. Let's check in and see who's endorsing who:

Rob Reiner endorses Dennis Herrera: The Emmy winning actor and When Harry Met Sally Director is a noted political activist - Reiner almost ran against Arnold Schwarzenegger for Governor in 2006, but he decided to make The Bucket List instead. (Good call?) He also did some campaigning for Al Gore because the two of them share an affinity for beards, apparently. Strangely, Herrera's personal Facebook page, which lists plenty of the City Attorney's favorite movies, contains none of Reiner's films.

Smith Jared endorses Joanna Rees: As you know, the Sex and the City meatpie has been shilling for the Venturecrat since early on in the race, but the endorsement seemed to be more about getting ladies who lunch out to her fundraising even than about her platform as a candidate. Apparently the two of them met at a party through mutual friends. How cosmopolitan!

Martin Yan endorses Leland Yee: The certified master chef and TV host can carve a chicken in 18 seconds. He's also good for flippity-floppity Shark Fin Soup PR and threw a fancy dinner for the State Senator at the Koi Palace.

Stuart Milk endorses Bevan Dufty: Bevan has an impressive list of endorsements, but Stuart (Harvey's nephew) was the closest to a real celebrity that we could find. Why has no one gotten Sean Penn on the phone yet?

Bob Dylan endorses John Avalos: wait, no, we got that backwards - John Avalos endorses Bob Dylan. Still, he's got the Labor Unions, although that seems more like being endorse by Springsteen.

Former Mayor Joseph Alioto endorses Michela Alioto-Pier: This one's a no-brainer. Plus, Alioto was mayor during the zodiac killings. And Jake Gyllenhaal was in the Zodiac movie, so she's only like three degrees away from a Jake Gyllenhaal endorsement.

Bonus Endorsement: Sharmin Bock, candidate for DA, is endorsed by former meth user and frontman for 3rd Eye Blind Stephen Jenkins.