Mission / Shooting: Police today increased efforts to learn more about the daylight killing of 18 year-old Kevin Hall, who was shot near the intersection of Alemany Boulevard and Crescent Avenue on August 25. [Examiner]

South of Market / Robbery: A woman complained to police that she was robbed while attempting to purchase drugs near 6th and Market Streets, proving that no one, not even your drug dealer, can be trusted these days.

Panhandle / Assault: A North of Panhandle/Western Addition woman was beaten as she photographed two women who had been over-served. Seems the 50 year-old woman grew tired of people puking on her porch, and was looking for photographic retribution, but was attacked by friends of the women. As the SF Weekly quotes SFPD Captain Denis O'Leary , "It was an attempted robbery, but they were more trying to protect the honor of these two young ladies."
[SF Weekly]