Yigit Pura, San Francisco's own delightful cupcake of a pastry chef and proprietor of the coming-soon Tout Sweet pastry shop is adding "TV Critic" to his resume. Yigit, who you'll remember won the inaugural season of Top Chef: Just Desserts, has taken to Bravo TV's TC:JD blog to grade the latest round of contestants and share with us his thoughts on the nature of pastries. It's kind of folksy! Observe:

First of all I'd like to say to some of the contestants: Holy egos, Batman! I think it's easy to say you are better than Season 1 right off the bat, and also unnecessary. I find talent should speak for itsself.

Indeed, Yigit, there's no room for egos in reality TV.

On the nature of the baked-goods medium (and the fairytale-themed Elimination challenge), Pura goes on to say, "pastry is all about imagination and the whimsy". Awww.

[Bravo] via [GrubSF]