By Joe Payne

Dutiful lunch hour wage earners lined up on Wednesday with the hopes of getting a free Chez Panisee-crafted lunch. If you recall, the fresh food philosophy maven took over Maiden Lane in to showoff her new Edible Schoolyard lunch boxes, which are available at Martin Luther King Middle School.

SFist was among the lucky 500 to sample the ideal school lunch created by farm to table queen Alice Waters. And as expected the meal was delicious, organic, nutritious, and not filling whatsoever much like Chez Panisee! Our box consisted of a fig, cucumber, radishes, and Bronx grapes, and some sort of highly respectable chicken sandwich. Although the scant middle school proportions left me wanting a ham-and-cheese Lunchables or some warm Bagel Bites, the Maiden Lane picnic setting coupled with hibiscus melon tea brought my summer school recess fantasies full circle.

Who knew those Martin Luther King Middle School kids had it so good? Lunchtime-wise, that is.

Here are a few photos from yesterday's lively gastronomic scene. Enjoy.