The hostage standoff at an Extended Stay Deluxe in San Rafael that lasted for two days and held up traffic ended this afternoon when police entered the hotel room to find an already deceased suspect. Police haven't released the cause of death for the gunman, one 38-year-old Peter James Thomas, who was also wanted on a $70,000 warrant in Marin for burglary, weapons and drug charges. The woman who was with him (Thomas' girlfriend, allegedly) was found unharmed, although the cops are currently holding her for questioning.

During the standoff, police hoisted a steel plate in front of the hotel room window to prevent Thomas from shooting out towards the I-580 freeway again. According to the Marin Independent Journal, San Rafael PD made the call to enter the hotel room after drilling a hole in the wall and inserting a camera - which is when they discovered the body. The last communication between Thomas and the authorities was late last night when he asked for a pack of cigarettes and threatened to kill the woman with him if the police didn't back off. No word yet on what the woman, whose name has not been released yet, was doing alone in the room with the dead suspect, but we guess she was just sticking around a little longer to cash in on her extended stay.

At least the cops got to roll out that sweet Armored Personel Carrier. San Rafael City Manager Nancy Mackle told the Marin IJ it would take a few days before they know just how much the standoff cost the city.

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