Dave Chapelle gave his first interview in five years last week to morning radio hosts Rico, JV, and Selena on Wild 94.9 here in S.F. (This was just before he awkwardly got on stage for a few minutes during Big Boi's aborted set at Outside Lands.) He talks about some of the weird on-stage behavior he's been criticized for in recent months, like a July show at the Seminole Indian-owned Hard Rock Casino in Florida where he spent about 46 minutes of his set in awkward silence and allegedly insulted some Seminole Indians in the front row. He claims they were heckling him and holding camera phones up at him the entire time.

He also recalls a show from many years ago, in Oakland, with Cedric the Entertainer, in which someone in the back of the venue kept yelling "Shut the fuck up" at him until he decided to spend the rest of his set silent, lying flat on the stage, to prove a point to the guy. "Comedy is a very approval-oriented field," Chappelle says. "If I put forth a legitimate effort, then I feel like, if that doesn't work out, that's all I can do."

See the second part of the interview below, in which he talks about why he digs the Bay Area, how he's trying to "kick" his addiction to fame, and how there's parts of it he just doesn't want. Also, he admits he still smokes weed, just not "a lot" of weed like he did in the 90s.