As Bay City News reports, Anonymous has taken credit for today's hacking of via "an 8-year-old" and posting the data of a couple of thousand users online (via commenter sfsfsf). The data, which included names, addresses, phone numbers, and passwords, was leaked as part of Anonymous' "peaceful" protest against BART's decision to cut off cell phone access at Civic Center Station last Thursday night. Additionally, according to Anonymous, thousands of emails and faxes have been going out in the group's name in an effort to jam BART's internal communications.

BART sent out an email at about 4:30 today stating that they suspect that the information of at least 2,400 of their 55,000 members was leaked. Federal officials have been called in to work against any further security breaches. users are urged not to open any unsolicited emails and to change any passwords that might have been shared with their account.

According to Bay City News, BART is reassuring passengers that "its website infrastructure is not at all connected to the computer systems that run the trains themselves, and that the web attacks would not result in any service delays."


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