SF Examiner is reporting that Anonymous, the group most famous for giving Scientologists a hard time, is focusing its attention on BART on Monday. As you might have heard, BART police shut down cell phone communications in anticipation of last Thursday evening's protest over the officer-involved shootings of Oscar Grant and Charles Hill.

Anonymous has planned a new protest, which they stress will be a peaceful one, to take place on Monday at 5 p.m. during rush hour at Civic Center Station. According to SF Examiner, they're "calling for people to jam BART’s communications through massive amounts of emailing, incessant phone calls and 'black fax,' the practice of sending a fully inked page to FAX machines."

SF Citizen and Bluoz have more details, including the letter and instructions to the "People of San Francisco" from Anonymous.

While the group intends to be peaceful, there's nothing peaceful about trains full of thousands of tired and cranky commuters trapped in the station by people in creepy masks for an indefinite period of time. Makes us hyperventilate just thinking about it.

May we suggest Casual Carpool or the scenic Transbay bus to all you poor commuters on Monday?

Side note: Anonymous are also plotting the death of Facebook come November 5, 2011. (Good luck with that!)