As you know, the chef, travel writer and TV host has been in town this week shooting bits for his new show The Layover, which hits all the the must-eat and must-drink spots travelers need to see with only 24 or 48 hours in a given city. He may not have turned up at Zeitgeist (yet), but the vernacular foodie apparently found plenty of other spots to rush through as he ate and drank his way through town. And because this is 2011 and everything deserves to be immediately blogged, we can get a good picture of what this show is going to look like thanks to the miracle of social media and Tony Bourdain's own iPhone. Observe, there may be spoilers:

On Tuesday, Missionites noted Bourdain was spotted in and around Dolores Park, taking in some Malaysian crepes and Chaac Mool tacos (from a cart, naturally) before heading to Dolores Park Cafe across the street for a leaf-shaped latte.

Later Tuesday, TV crews showed up at Toronado and Rosamunde in the Lower Haight, presumably for the beer-and-sausage combo. As for Toronado's beer selection? Bourdain called it "festive", which sounds about right, actually. From there, the chef's caffeinated late night antics turned towards North Beach and Chinatown, where he hit Li-Po Lounge, Mr. Bings and Comstock Saloon before waking up to find himself covered in mustard.

Li Po, the Comstock, Mr. Bing's , then Sam's Burgers. Woke up with brain ache, covered in mustard.Wed Aug 10 15:39:22 via Twitter for iPhone

On Wednesday, Bourdain popped up again: this time at Swan's Oyster Depot for "crab fat, seafood, stew, oysters, uni" and later at Vietnamese pop-up kitchen, Rice, Paper, Scissors, which had set up shop for the night at 20th and Shotwell. We've had the pork belly bahn mi from the ladies at Rice Paper Scissors, and we have to admit it's one of the better sandwiches we've eaten standing up. No word yet on what the chef ordered, but he was seen taking a moment to promote our own local TV personality, Broke Ass Stuart.

And because no trip to San Francisco is complete without flaming drink at a fern bar, Bourdain shared a volcano bowl at the Tonga Room with Incanto chef and offal aficionado Chris Cosentino. Appropriate, we guess, because Cosentino makes delicious things out of gross stuff and the Tonga Room just makes gross things.

And speaking of gross things, if you're going to party with a rockstar foodie, something weird is bound to happen. In this case it was Bourdain's cinematographer taking the plunge in to the Tonga Room's (probably disgusting) decorative pool. He reviewed the experience thusly:

Though refreshing in itself, the experience of having a Mai Tai at the Tonga Room is greatly enhanced with a dip in the decorative pool.Thu Aug 11 08:32:52 via Twitter for iPhone

We sure hope he has his vaccinations up to date, but at least someone found him a Fairmont Hotel bathrobe.

So after a 48-hour tour through the city like that, how does one top it all off? With a sandwich from Molinari's in North Beach, of course:

Just finished last shot, last scene last city for The Layover. A Molinari hero for breakfast . Done. Now? Vacation !Thu Aug 11 18:02:32 via Twitter for iPhone

Bourdain's shooting may have wrapped, but who knows - after all that the man could probably use a bloody mary or three. So keep your twitterphones ready, Zeitgeist lurkers.

[Mission Mission]