San Francisco's venerable indie music festival promoters NoisePop are joining forces with the traveling foodies at graffEats to create another one-night-only dinner of food and music on September 8th. You might remember we attended their last dining event which featured "covers" of signature dishes from some well-known chefs paired with cover songs to match the mood of each course - and we thoroughly enjoyed it. It was like a culinary mixtape, if you will.

Like last time, the 6-course dinner will again have graffEats chef Blair Warsham putting his spin on dishes from famous chefs worldwide, but the theme: "A Culinary Tribute to Serge Gainsbourg" is a little more focused this time around. For the Gainsbourg fans, you can expect covers like a Snooze remix of "New York, USA". And the foodies can expect the menu to lean heavily on French influences with dishes like Eric Ripert's (of Le Bernardin in New York) carolina shrimp ravioli.

Adding a bit of that Gainsbourg mystery to the whole thing: the dinner will be held at a currently undisclosed location in SoMa. Tickets are $85 a head and the friendly graffEats staff will even pop your own bottle for you. The VIP upgrade gets a sponsored cocktail hour and included wine pairings. Not too shabby. There's currently only one seating scheduled for September 8th.


And we leave you with some late era Gainsbourg: