The Dining Room at the Ritz-Carlton announced they'll be closing the doors on the hotel restaurant's 20-year run next month. On September 15th, Chef Ron Siegel will say goodbye to the current incarnation to make room for an updated, "less formal, more approachable" dining room.

In addition to the more inviting feel they're going for, the renovations will open up some space in the restaurant and add additional seating in the casual bar and lounge area. They'll also be adding two of those communal tables that have been in vogue at the busier spots for a few years now. Unfortunately, that means taking a few seats away from the Ritz Bar we reviewed (and loved) a while back, but with the new focus on simpler and more social dishes, it sounds like the laid-back bar vibe is wafting in to the main room.

As the current incarnation bows out, Chef Ron Siegel will be doing his Salt & Pepper Tasting Menu starting next week on August 9th and running until they temporarily shut the doors in September.