At their board meeting yesterday, the SFMTA voted to approve 85 new taxi medallions, 50 of which will be for part-time, single operators limited to 60 hours per week on the streets. This increase in the total number of taxis, which is currently capped at 1,500, comes amid some resistance from taxi drivers fearing competition, despite the well documented lack of available taxis when we need them, like anywhere, besides certain nightclubs and hotels. 35 of the medallions will be full-time, meaning they're good for two 10-hours shifts per day.

The board also voted to increase the fare drop amount from $3.10 to $3.50, meaning that all your taxi rides will be 40 cents more expensive. An earlier vote, in May, raised the per-fifth-of-a-mile rate to 55 cents from 45. They cite rising gas prices as the reason for the fare hikes.

[SF Gate]

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