As UC Berkeley's Memorial Stadium patches up their aging concrete facilities, the Cal football team is set to kick off their 2011 season in San Francisco starting in September. The team's first game against Fresno State will actually take place at the home of the Niners down in Candlestick Park, but after a short roadtrip to Colorado, AT&T Park becomes bear territory for the rest of the team's home games in 2011.

While us townies continue to fret over the possibility of more unruly sports fans clogging transit and unloading their bladders into the gutters of SoMa, the move to San Francisco has some of the in-state players (Read: Giants fans) on Cal's roster fired up. As Left Tackle Mitchell Schwartz, who played in Mission Bay when Cal took on Miami for the 2008 Emerald Bowl told the Chronicle yesterday: "As a Giants fan, I love the idea of playing there. For me, it gives a little extra excitement to it."

On the other hand, the rest of the Giants fans might not be so excited about the shared stadium. If the Giants keep the season alive in to the playoffs (god willing), there could be some scheduling conflicts. Notably, the big ticket rivalry between Cal and USC scheduled for Thursday, October 13th will overlap with one game of the National League Championship Series. Traveling SoCal fans who already make hotel arrangements might get the raw end of that deal though - Cal athletic director Sandy Barbour told ESPN the college team is looking at another game at Candlestick or possibly even Oakland Coliseum as a backup.

The Big Game between Cal and Stanford is (mercifully) down in Stanford this year.

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