Louis' Diner, the cliffside greasy spoon overlooking the ruins of the Sutro Baths, re-opened right on schedule today, albeit with a few of those changes we looked at a couple months back.

Now that they've greenwashed their operation, the restaurant will be sourcing all 150,000 baby chicken proteins they go through in a year from cage-free farms within a 100 mile radius. (Which doesn't really leave many options, given that the restaurant is perched more or less on the Ocean.) The restaurant is also shipping off their used cooking oil to the same company that provides biodiesel fuel for Muni - meaning your bus ride home could be powered by the runoff from a previous patron's hangover hash browns.

You might remember the Hontalas family almost lost the space back in 2010 when the National Park Service took over the land, but now they're sitting pretty with a 10-year lease and gearing up for their 75th Anniversary.

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