Do you get the summertime blues? We sure do. And word is there ain't no cure for them. Which is why tomato season is one of the few things we look forward to during these warm summer months. (And the evening fog. We do enjoy our nightly blanket of cooling fog.) Local James Beard Award-winning chef and celebrity Joanne Weir just revealed her top 10 tomato recipes for the upcoming barrage of glorious tomatoes heading our way. They are:

10. Tomato Bruschetta
9. Pizza with Gorgonzola and Tomatoes
8. Heirloom Tomato Bisque
7. Peak-Season Tomato Sauce
6. Spiced Tomato Upside-Down Cake
5. Tomato and Corn Chowder
4. Cheddar-Crusted Corn and Tomato Tart
3. Spaghetti alla Norma
2. Moroccan Chicken with Tomato Marmalade
1. Love-Apple Chocolate Cake

And seeing as how tomatoes are rather delicate, Weir recommends storing them at room temperature "with the stem end up to prevent bruised shoulders." And, of course, "never refrigerate your tomatoes." Ever. Don't Why do people do this? It's bad. Real bad.