Conceived during a festive round of post-shift cocktail swilling, chef Allyson Harvie (chef de cuisine at Citizen Cake, formerly of Ragazza and Starbelly), bar manager Dion Jardine (bartender at Slanted Door & Heaven's Dog), and sommelier Becky Pezzullo (Bar Bambino, soon to be at Hidden Vine) put their gastronomic prowess together to create a regular Sunday pop-up at Specchio (2331 Mission).

Christened after a 189th centure English political club that was the first chef de cuisine gig for Alexis Soyer, Reform Club kicks things off in savory summer style this Sunday, July 31, with a menu boasting such grub as salt & vinegar potato chips (doing bong rips with a roasted garlic, onion and chervil dip), tomato & watermelon salad (stacked with straciatella, basil, saba, micro-herbs), pressed pork shoulder confit (gilded with cherries, fennel, turnips), strawberry & plum shortcake (humping hardcore with corn & coriander ice cream), and more.

The four course experience will run you $40, with cocktail and "tightly-edited" wine pairings costing $25 extra.

You can check out the entire July 31 menu here, and make reservations for this Sunday or any Sunday by emailing them at [email protected]. (The official opening, if you will, starts August 8.)

As always, follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter if the mood should strike.