Over in Bernal Heights, though people still sometimes get robbed while walking home from Glen Park BART, the crimes that have been on everyone's minds lately in the 'hood are a recent spate of succulent and plant thefts from residents' yards. Well, probably not on everyone's minds, but Bernalwood certainly isn't taking this lying down.

The thefts were first reported by SF Weekly back in October, and as of June there was a prime suspect caught on camera. In a meeting with citizens this week, police Lt. Henry Parra of Ingleside Station mentioned that an arrest had been made in Sunnyside in connection with these horticultural crimes, but no further information was given. This is disappointing as we really would love to get to the bottom of this, for the sake of succulent lovers everywhere.

He also warned residents to stop listening to headphones while walking home from BART, and not to leave backpacks or GPS holsters visible in cars -- GPS devices are apparently the #1 thing that cars are getting broken into for these days.