LovEvolution, née LoveFest, has found a new home after the city grew weary of the thumping bass and rolling crowds of brightly colored teensters descending on Civic Center every year. Growing concerns about the free event's surging popularity and recent cases of nightlife-adjacent violence made city officials standoffish about these sorts of things and last year's event was canceled after a dispute about the location.

According to the Examiner today, discussions between organizers and the city about alternate locations for this year's event never came together. So, after determining that the Polo Fields were too cold for the pasties-and-fishnets crowd, festival promoters opted to take this year's event to Oracle Arena in Oakland where the sunny climates, transit accessibility and crowd control know-how made it an obvious choice.

At least one member of the Entertainment Commission lamented the move saying, "We should be a city that is pumping 24/7, because that’s what cities do.”

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