At a press conference this afternoon, BART Police released surveillance footage from the Civic Center BART station showing the July 3rd incident in which BART PD officers fired on and killed "wobbly drunk" Charles Hill. The footage, embedded below [Warning: could be graphic to some] is hard to make out and doesn't show one of the officers or the victim, but Bay City News has a detailed report from the press conference with BART PD Chief Kenton Rainey:

Rainey said that when the officers first got off a train and arrived at the station they "walked very casually" in the direction where they thought Hill was and then the white officer, who was the primary officer in the incident, put on his gloves, apparently because he thought there would be "some type of physical contact" and wanted to protect himself from potential communicable diseases...

The video shows the officer moving his mouth and Rainey said he believes the officer was commanding Hill to drop his knife.

The video next shows the knife coming near the officer, hitting the side of a train and ricocheting to the platform, where it came to rest.

You'll remember the incident set off protests and shut down BART during a recent rush hour commute and at least one witness told the Bay Citizen that the victim didn't appear to be moving towards the officers.

[Update: previously quoted KQED report removed in favor of BCN report.]

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