Over the last year, photographer Travis Jensen and fellow All-City photographer Brad Evans worked on a remarkable photo documentary book about San Francisco's Tenderloin called Tenderloin USA. Their work takes a black-and-white look into the heart of the Tenderloin, with a sharp focus being on the characters who live, work, own businesses, hang out, and raise families in the 'loin.

We've been enjoying our copy of Tenderloin USA ever since it landed in our mailbox, We cannot recommend highly enough. You've seen some of Jensen's work on SFist, but seeing it in the page is another experience altogether.

It runs a $20, but ALL proceeds after printing costs will go to Larkin Street Youth Services, a San Francisco-based charity organization that provides homeless, runaway and at-risk youth between the ages of 12 and 24 with various support services, including emergency shelter, primary medical care, transitional housing, job training and scholarship assistance, amongst other services.