MUSIC: Barn Owl, who SFist Erick described as having a "melodic brand of loud, space filling, melodic stonerish metal that the untrained ear may not even consider metal," are at the Elbo Room tonight, along with another local fave, Sean Smith, who "conjures fire and sweat, dew and ash through his medium-the guitar," along with guests 3 Leafs. (9 p.m., Elbo Room, 647 Valencia)

ART: Artist George Pfau will be giving a slideshow lecture entitled Zombies Identified, in which he'll explore the zombie lexicon in film, visual art and pop culture. He'll also look at the "stigmas surrounding zombie-ness" and propose "a new approach." Followed by a Q&A with Pfau and guest panelist Branon Coluccio of VIZ Productions. (7 p.m., Unspeakable Projects, 735 Tehama Street)

VARIETY: At the monthly Beat the Gong Talent Show, contestants are encouraged to showcase their zaniest of talents, such as singing, dancing, basket-weaving, hula-hooping, you name it, and you just might win some cash. Also featuring special performances by a line-up of local drag faves. Tonight's show benefits AIDS Emergency Fund. (Trigger, 2348 Market Street)