Although the San Mateo County prosecutor dropped the battery and resisting arresst charges against Deshon Marman last week, U.S. Airways has yet to issue an apology to Marman or his family for the incident. And now that missing apology has the local chapter of the NAACP ready to break out the picket signs at SFO this afternoon. Rev. Amos Brown of the NAACP and Donna Doyle, Marman's mother, plan to rally around the U.S. Airways departure area at SFO around 2 p.m. this afternoon according to Bay City News.

The airline did offer Marman a free flight (although they didn't pay him back for the one he missed due to the arrest), which his family refused to accept. Instead, the family has told the press they intend to sue the airline for racial profiling and discrimination, which U.S. Airways denies. The NAACP, for their part, has stated that they are looking for some clarification on the their nebulous dress code policy.

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