Over the past year, the San Francisco Health Department has tirelessly worked to shutdown the scourge known as hookah lounges. For those not in the know, hookah lounges are a rite of passage for anyone new to the Bay Area. At these cesspools of moral bankruptcy, one can partake in smoking innocuous, flavored tobacco (which violates the indoor smoking ban) while ordering a side of dolmas or hummus and pita triangles. They're as bad as Hitler.

According to the Chronicle, several of these business owners appeared at department hearing this week to find out that most of them will need to get rid of "all tobacco and tobacco products and discontinue smoking through tobacco pipes" at some point very soon.

Dream Hookah Lounge, Cafe Chanta, Cairo Nights, Marrakech Moroccan Restaurant and Kan Zaman, among others, all face severe changes in business plans if they don't stop the huffing and puffing right-quick.