With all the theme bars popping up around here, we're about due for one with a little less childhood nostalgia and a little more adult sensibility. This morning, Grubstreet reports the Kink.com-owned former home of Ace Café will be transformed in to the appropriately named Armory Club, caddy-corner to the fetish site's headquarters (and possible community center) on Mission Street.

Cocktail enthusiasts (or cock and tail enthusiasts, we suppose) who have been watching the space might remember Kink's owner Peter Acworth has been looking to open an Armory-adjacent bar for some time now and let the Ace Café lease run out in order to take over the bar himself. No word yet from the folks at Kink about the intended decor or drink menu, but the steel bars and the stone walls on the ground floor would probably make for a nice dungeon-themed establishment, if that's what you're in to.

Educated guesses put the opening date sometime in the fall, but in the meantime: be on the look out for sexy renovations at 14th and Mission.

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