On Monday, July 11, noted musicians will guest DJ at flour + water in the Mission. Let's see: Starting off on the decks next week will be Tim Carr. Screenings of his videos "Shake Your Caboose" and "Caved In" will also lightening up the evening, starting at 9:30 p.m. Tim will hand out signed copies of "Fame Whore," his debut single, featuring remixes by Phil Manley of Trans Am, Dancefloor Executives, and Never Knows.

On August 1, Zach Rogue of Rogue Wave stops by to spin some "classic, inward-looking pop songs highlighted with psychedelic guitars, pastoral sound effects, and intricate rhythms." Whoa.

And finally, on September 5, Thao Nguyen (of Thao with the Get Down Stay Down) will man the decks, pumping out "airy, animated voice dancing over jangly guitars and light, poppy rhythms."

For reservations, call four + water at 415-826-7000. Walk-ins are welcome throughout the night.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, here is a picture of flour + water chef Thomas McNaughton and his cute pet pig.