18-year-old Terrell Blay, who ran from plainclothes police and dropped his handgun in the process following the shooting Saturday evening at Jones and Market Streets, pleaded not guilty yesterday to a series of gun charges. Blay was not, it seems, the shooter whose bullets injured one target and four bystanders in the area (see a full video of the aftermath here), but he does have a record of previous robbery and gun charges, and had been on probation as recently as April. The kid described as the "lone shooting suspect" is a 16-year-old whose name has not been released.

A public defender questioned the $250,000 bail amount for Blay, saying that they see cases like this all the time and bail amounts are never that high -- the reason being the high-profile nature of the case and the connection to Pink Saturday, the day on which someone died last year in a Castro shooting. This particular shooting, however, seems to have had no relation to Pink Saturday, which was going on two miles away, but still caused the injuries of four bystanders: a 17-year-old boy from El Cerrito, a 22-year-old man from Santa Cruz, a 45-year-old man visiting from England, and a 74-year-old man from San Francisco. The fifth person injured, the intended victim, is thought to be part of a rival gang to the two suspects under arrest.