At the future site of Facebook's new headquarters in Menlo Park, police are investigating some 1,000 pounds of missing copper wire. Like the mineral-hungry prospectors that made the Bay Area a playground for lonely white men in the mid-1800s, the thieves must have seen a big payoff hidden in the walls of the nine-building, 57-acre campus. The half-ton of copper, which was taken sometime between June 7 and 13th and will henceforth be known as "the Zuckerberg Lode", has an estimated value of $8,500*.

That probably won't be a big hit to the endlessly funded company, which is in the middle of renovating the former home of Sun Microsystems, but from the looks of things inside the new space, Facebook's interior decorators have been inspired by the classic look of Mad Men sets, college dorm rooms and industrial butcher shops. One would think they could at least cover up all that copper with a drop ceiling or some drywall or something. Police have no suspects in the copper theft and cursory Googling did not reveal the name of the interior decorators responsible for the crimes against our sensibilities.

(*For reference, that's roughly the same price-per-pound as fresh wild salmon fillets with your Safeway Club Card.)