In San Mateo, where suburban shopping mall culture still reigns, a local Muslim woman is suing her former employers at Abercrombie & Fitch after she was fired for refusing to remove her headscarf while working at a Hollister Co. in the Hillsdale Mall. Hollister, the beach bum kid brother to Abercrombie & Fitch's frat boy supply store, has a "beachy" dress code which requires regrettable work attire like flip-flops and cargo shorts for exmployees. Although management at the Hillsdale location had originally told 20-year-old Hani Khan that a hajib in company colors would be perfectly acceptable, she was later told to by corporate officials to stop wearing it shortly after her store received a visit from a district manager.

Khan rightfully doesn't want her job back, but she's suing for back wages and hopes to change the company's policy regarding religious attire. Given that this isn't the first time A&F have been sued over hijabs in the workplace, the company probably should have gotten their infamous "look policy" ironed out by now.