While we could barely bring ourselves to care much for yesterday's barrage of Twitter updates hashtagged with #sfpride -- we get it, there were a lot of families and same-sex couples in New York can now live together in holy acrimony! -- we sit rapt today at some of the hangover-induced Twitter updates posted during the post-Pride hours. Here are a few we've enjoyed so far.

Better than a pocket full of unwrapped ones, yes? Silver lining.

Always a nice surprise to find a pocket full of condoms in your pants #SFprideMon Jun 27 18:37:33 via Echofon

Behold the noted writer who, many years ago at UC Santa Cruz, taught this SFist editor how to write:

Susie Bright: "My main culinary memories of Pride can be summed up in two words: hash brownies" http://ow.ly/5qSZx #sfprideMon Jun 27 07:58:25 via HootSuite

Hyperbole, anyone?

@AubreyODay you were the most gorgeous human being I saw yesterday at SF Pride! LUV U BB! :D <3Mon Jun 27 19:01:10 via Echofon

Stud. Pure and simple. And dirty.

Omg. My phone died yesterday and I got drunk and lost and hooked up with random hot chicks. #prideMon Jun 27 19:38:44 via LG Phone

A castle on a cloud, not doubt.

Woke up today with a hang over, a mentor, and a financed loan for a castle. #sfpridetweetup #castledechaosSun Jun 26 16:46:09 via web

This sounds like the ONLY way one should spend Pride Sunday. (That is, unless you're a Sapphic variety homosexual.)

While not my favorite Pride ever, hosting 5 boys at my place certainly added to the excitement and made it memorable and fun. SF next year.Mon Jun 27 04:39:05 via Echofon

It's crucial.

lol i was fucked up something crucial ! LMA0! PRIDE NEVER FAILS ME !Mon Jun 27 16:41:08 via Twitter for iPhone

Outing of current potty-mouthed R&B singer? You decide.

Cee-lo shuda definitely been at #sfpride instead of the bet awardsMon Jun 27 06:23:51 via web

And finally. This has nothing to do with SF Pride, but it did pop up in our search. Point being, McDonald's has something very noble, albeit odd, to say to you the fast food chain's year-round celebrations of African Americans. Behold.

DYK that McD's celebrates the pride, heritage & achievements of African Americans 365 DAYS/YEAR? #365blackMon Jun 27 16:11:00 via CoTweet

Hope you had a wonderful Pride, folks. Now, go drink some water and get some sleep.