The proposed Mission Bowling Club coming to 17th Street in that namesake neighborhood needs some support from the Board of Supervisors to move forward, the Examiner reports today. Due to some quirks in the planning code that restrict liquor licenses in the semi-industrial wasteland East of Mission street, MBC will need to get an exemption in order to let the locally sourced beer and cocktails flow when they plan to open next spring. Luckily for us and everyone who enjoys getting sloshed while knocking down pins, freshmen supes Jane Kim and Scott Wiener are already pushing the legislation through.

You'll recall Mission Bowling Club plans to host kitchen space for Anthony Myint's resurrected Mission Burger, as well as a full bar and plenty of bicycle parking. Overall, the concept sounds a lot more democratic than the upscale (read: prohibitively expensive) nationwide chain Lucky Strike Lanes, which is still moving forward with their first San Francisco location at 3rd and King streets. The Examiner also reports that NYC-based Brooklyn Bowl is still looking for a San Francisco spot to call their own. (Although last we heard, they had abandoned those plans in favor of a more suburban location.)

Supervisor Kim laid the blame for the city's current dearth of available lanes on the real estate market, telling the Examiner that the square footage needed for a proper bowling alley can usually fetch a higher price as a condo project. Meanwhile, the jovial Wiener simply asked, "...who doesn't like bowling?" Exactly.

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