Before it turned into lazy comedians' anti-gay punchline at bad comedy clubs across the country, HIV/AIDS continues to kill scores of people all over the world. But it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, many people now live healthy and long lives thanks in part to the wonders of pricey medicine by greedy drug manufactures. That said, today is National HIV Testing Day. So, come on, get tested already! It doesn't hurt -- the swabs are nothing but gentle glides! -- and it's a super smart and respectful thing to do if you and your partner haven't done so already.

Best of all, in most cases you don't even need insurance to find out! Here are a few places in San Francisco where one can get tested:

- Mission Neighborhood Health Center - 240 Shotwell, San Francisco, 415-431-3212

- Project Inform - 1375 Mission, 415-558-8669

- Anonymous HIV Testing - 1930 Market Street, 415-621-4858

- Magnet - 4122 18th Street, 415-581-1600

Visit the San Francisco Department of Health for more information.