As the Giants drop (ever so slightly and briefly!) to second place, we have something to cheer up irked fans. And Buster Posey too! Cartoonist Andy George created this mural in honor of our very own Rookie of the Year, now on the disabled list after his now famous collision with Scott Cousins, which you can see at Q Restaurant and Wine Bar in the Richmond.

George tells SFist: "I am currently at work with the fine folks at Q Restaurant and Wine Bar, who have allowed me over the past few months to make use of their largest wall for themed murals. This month, with our beloved Buster Posey sent sulking to the DL list, I felt it appropriate to send him some well wishes from all his fans at the eatery."

Excellent work! Check out more of his imagery at

Another shot of the Posey mural and its artist (at left) below.