At the SFMTA meeting last night, board members unanimously approved Nat Ford's $384,000 separation agreement. That "poof" sound you're hearing is Ford's golden parachute deploying to slow his fall after years of driving Muni straight in to the ground. Ford's last day will be June 30th, so start planning your celebrations appropriately. (Just be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to get to them in the case of another meltdown.) Also making a hasty exit was Carter Rohan, Ford's Executive Deputy Director, who turned in his resignation before the SFMTA board meeting yesterday.

Citing personal and health reasons (as in: "I fear my health and person will be in danger if I'm the target of San Francisco's Muni rage", we assume), Rohan will be leaving office on July 22. That means he'll only have to serve as the interim Muni punching bag for three weeks before he heads off to the great bus yard in the sky. With Rohan out that leaves current DPW director Ed Reiskin as the top pick to take over at Muni, although the MTA will still be accepting letters of interest in a nationwide search for a new director until July 1st. Hear that, vocal Muni critics? You've got about a week to sharpen up those resumes.

Also at yesterday's SFMTA meeting: a rep from Sen. Leland Yee's office who presented signatures gathered in an online petition to oppose deployment of aforementioned golden parachute. Yee's been publicizing his opposition to the severance package for over a week now, hoping you'll forget that he previously voted to take $250 million from the agency in order to balance the state budget over the past three years.