In an effort to curb violence at the Pink Saturday festival in the Castro, the city has banned booze at the annual precursor to the Pride Parade. Last year, if you recall, a 19-year-old male was killed and two others injured at Market and Castro by a gunman

SF Appeal's Aaron Sankin reports:

While liquor was never actually sold at the event, attendees were able to bring in their own alcohol from the outside or purchase it from nearby bars and walk around freely. At this year's party, a cadre of police officers will be on hand making sure that doesn't happen.

Eureka Valley/Castro Neighborhood Association President Alan Beach-Nelson complained that, in recent years, the event, "[has] become less gay and more looky-loos." He noted that, "it's [the] looky-loos [who are] looking for trouble.

While this year's first-ever alcohol ban is a bit of a buzz kill, it does have its merits. In addition to stoping revelers from losing control -- side note: last year's fatal shooting didn't have muh to do with alcohol -- the city is trying to turn Pink Saturday back into a celebration "for and by the LGBT community." (Which is to say, don't forget your boot flasks, kids!)

Pink Saturday is yet another major San Francisco event to ban hooch. The Haight Street Fair, Union Street Fair, and Bay to Breakers have all officially been declared dry events over the past year.

Also, remember to be vigilant, albeit safe, if you come across a horde of anti-gay gawkers or shit-stirrers. They're always lurking around Pride events, and they're not good people. Period. Furthermore, they're not here to have fun with you; they're there to have fun at your expense. And it could get ugly. Please be aware.