Since we've already covered Willie Brown's budding television career, we turn now to his Sunday rantings. There's no fun Willie-posing photo to go along with it this week. Instead he (or his editors at the Chron) decided to throw in a photo of Anthony Weiner, helpfully captioned: "Rep. Anthony Weiner: not a woman." This makes total sense because Willie is an expert in both women and being a dick.

The Weiner photo has Willie getting all nostalgic. It "takes me back to the 1980s," he says. Fair enough, Willie, the 80s were a weird time for a lot of people. According to Willie, in the 80's California Democrats figured out that women made better candidates than men. The Cali Ladycrats were ideal because it was difficult to link a woman to sex or money scandals - not, as you might think, because they represented family values, progressive politics or some kind of Freudian sex fantasy.

From where Willie sits (at the good table, the one where you can see everyone), Republicans seem to have figured this out by accident. The worst thing a female candidate can do is hire illegal help, he says. Or, if we're not living inside of the St. Regis bubble, a woman could sully her record of outspoken Christian values and hardline stance on abstinence-only sex education by getting drunk and having a one-night stand in a ladybug costume. Whatever, gender issues are hard!

In baseball news, Ed Lee's first pitch at a Giants game last week obviously deserved some manly celebration so Lee and Willie headed to the House of Prime Rib for dinner. While His Temporariness and Da Gourmayor fatted up on slices from the beef zeppelin, their table swelled from a four-top to a crew of ten as Rose Pak rolled in deep to join in. The dinner conversation focused on congratulating Lee for successfully throwing a baseball 60 feet and six inches. That sums up the Lee administration pretty nicely, now doesn't it?

In film this week, Willie viewed a screening of Terence Malick's Tree of Life, which pretty much every other critic in the Bay Area and beyond has hailed as a masterpiece of cinema. For Willie though, it was "two hours and ten minutes of film with about 10 minutes of dialogue and zero minutes of plot." For his lacking attention span, Willie would like his money back. His biggest gripe with the film: not enough Sean Penn.

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