Suspected serial killer Joseph Naso, who's acting as his own attorney in a trial that's ongoing at Marin County Superior Court after being arrested in April in connection with the deaths of multiple women spanning decades, may have his work cut out for himself when it comes to his defense. Not only was Naso's DNA (and that of his wife) found on two of the victims he's suspected of killing, but a probation search of Naso's home found a list of ten women in ten different locations, four of whom were the victims. They also found multiple photographs of these women and press clippings related to the murders in Naso's safety deposit box.

The Bay Area News Group got their hands on the police probable cause documents that led to Naso's arrest, which describe finding "numerous photos of women nude, or wearing lingerie/pantyhose, or in bondage poses. Some of these women appeared passed out or deceased."

The pattern of the killings includes strangulation with lingerie or pantyhose. Roxene Roggasch, who had been working as a prostitute in the East Bay where Naso was living, was found strangled near Fairfax in January 1977. The DNA of Naso's wife, Judith Naso, was found on pantyhose that were found on her body.

Also, don't forget, it appears Naso could have a connection to the unsolved Alphabet Murders that happened in New York in the early 70s, and one of the victims there had the same name as one of his California victims: Carmen Colon.

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