Larry Ellison's Oracle Racing team has already crashed one of those AC45's we had our eye on this morning. The catamaran tipped over while skippers Russel Coutts and James Spithill tried to one-up each other in the lead-up to a practice run on the Bay this afternoon. According to the Examiner, winds of 20-28 mph around the Golden Gate Bridge and Angel Island caused the National Weather Service to issue a small craft advisory warning this afternoon, but judging by how excited America's Cup Event CEO Craig Thompson has been getting about the crash-and-burn excitement of catamaran racing, we wouldn't be surprised if Ellison had his team flip the boat just to make things more exciting. Below, a suspiciously soundtracked video of the accident, which we have helpfully juxtaposed with a scene from The Thomas Crown Affair (in which a wealthy playboy capsizes his catamaran, "just to see the splash.")