To drum up support and ticket sales before packing up the Niners and hauling them off to Santa Clara in a couple years, Jed York has built an entire website to showcase his architect's vision for the new stadium. Appropriately located at the flash site showcases delightfully awkward renderings of the new spaces while a voiceover from Jed himself tells fans just how lucky he is to have "the greatest job in the world" followed by some of the most dramatic background outside of a Michael Bay film.

If autoplay Jed York isn't your thing, but you'd still like to take a look around the new stadium that promises fans "the most elegantly satisfying outdoor sports and entertainment experience in the world", we recommend you check out CurbedSF's minimalist slideshow. Apparently, the team will even been popping in to the food court at halftime.

[] (Warning: autoplay Jed York)