Given the control PR ilk try to exert over food writing in the Bay Area, we're shocked (and a bit tickled) to see this story go live. See, several people fell ill at last month's SF OysterFest at Fort Mason after apparently consuming a bacteria-laced food item that kept them on the toilet for hours. City Insider reports: "The Department of Public Health was on the case -- and has determined the culprit was 'campylobacter' which means 'twisted bacteria.' Sounds yummy, huh? It causes major food poisoning and symptoms last for up to a week."

Several Yelpers took the the internet to vent their reactions. Attendee turned unwitting diarrhea sufferer Miriam F had this to say:

I started feeling REALLY sick on Tuesday, chills, shaking, on the toilet CONSTANTLY and my fever was over 103 and would not come down with advil. I went to an urgent care Weds morning and was sent directly to the ER. They did a blood test and my white blood cell count was through the roof meaning I obviously had a terrible infection. They had no clue what it took me three full days of antibiotics through an IV, morphine for the stomach pain etc...until I was OK. I was finally released that Friday when they diagnosed me with CHLAMPOBACTER. The odd thing is that this type of food poisoning is from contaminated poultry. You could get it even if somebody for example touched the poultry and then a cucumber. I only had oysters and beer at the festival but suppose that they could've gotten contaminated.

Egads. Sounds disgusting.

The S.F. Health Department went on to tell SFGate that "there's no ongoing concern." We can only hope that the upcoming OysterFest at Waterbar (side note: these people really need to come together to figure out another name for oyster galas) on 8/27 takes the proper precautions.