Following up on Sunday's tragic news, the Chronicle reports that East Palo Alto PD have arrested a 17-year-old suspect accused of killing the three-month-old infant and injuring the two parents. The family of four was caught up in a case of mistaken identity after the teenage suspect sought to exact revenge on the Sureño gang members who beat him up a week earlier.

Police were lead to the suspect's home a block away from the crime by tips from the community. Another 16-year-old suspect was also arrested on suspicion of weapons violations, but has not been implicated in the shooting.

Yesterday, mother Ivonne Garcia-Lopez, 22, had the tough task of facing the media while her husband remained in Stanford Hospital with a gunshot wound. Neither parent knew the teenage suspects, and after detailing her effort to shield her son, Garcia-Lopez denounced the attack:

“They destroyed my family. They should be in school learning, getting themselves prepared to be somebody in life, not killers. Not killing 3-month-old kids. I don’t know where their parents were at.”